Originally "Murphy's Diner"

Our diner started its life in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA in 1952. Originally named "Murphy's Diner" it was located at 2525 Massachusetts Avenue, a firm favourite with students who were studying at Matignon High School. 

This roadside diner was amongst the earliest examples of a unique highway architecture. It was developed from the mobile lunch wagons in the late 19th century and by the First World War it had adopted the name and form of the railroad dining car. 

Closure in 1968

In 1968 it closed, and relocated to Haverhill where it is pictured. This picture was captured by Larry Cutlera in 1981, an avid blogger who shares his findings of abandoned diner's in America and tells of their history.

The diner sat abandoned from when it closed in 1968 to 1993 where it was bought by a gentleman names Charles Gutzos. 

Plans to restore and re-use

Chalres Gutzos moved the diner to Peabody, Massachusetts. His intentions were to restore and re-use the diner. Unfortunately these plans never came to light due to the sudden passing of Charles. 

Picture captured by Larry Cutlera in 1994. 

The diner stayed in storage for the next 2 years.

It's next adventure

Purchased by on March 3 1995, it made its big journey from the USA to the UK. It was bought by Pendragon UK, a British Automobile Dealership located in the heart of Derby. This dealership specialised in selling classic 1950's American vehicles giving the diner the most fitting home!

It set sail on a shipping container and arrived in the UK on the 28th April 1995 were it underwent a $200,000 transformation and was put into service as "The Motown Diner"

Unfortunately after a short 2 years, the diner closed its doors. 

It remained in storage until 2004 where its final journey to here, Church Gresley, began!

Purchased by Jeff Laight & Trish Whitehouse in 2004, the diner was purchased by the couple on eBay whilst looking for a farm in Wales. It was moved from Derby by a company called Darren Wilson Lifting Solutions to its home here on John Street!

Jeff and Trish did an incredible job on keeping the diner's history alive. 

We intend on doing the same, we cannot wait to share our journey with you!

Many thanks,

The New Owners

Credit to Larry Cultrera for writing a fantastic article his blog. Link can be found below.